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SGAE: 7 part 3

SGAE: 7 part 3This game continues story of “Steal Gold And Escape 7: part 2″ you entered in to the abandoned building… Explore collapsed place, collect 8 pieces of gold and golden key to escape in to the next location. Good Luck! Mouse to collect items, interact with puzzles and navigate.

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Nuclear Experiment – Exploration 2

Nuclear Experiment - Exploration 2Second part of radioactive point and click adventure game. After successfull mission secret agency have upgraded your suit, now suit it will filter poisoned air and mirror radiation. Your task is to search and collect 10 primary memory/micro chips then find key from new location and enter. Mouse to navigate, interact with puzzles and objects.

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Nuclear Experiment – Exploration

Nuclear Experiment - ExplorationYou entered into abandoned Soviet base. Soviet forces left the base in a hurry after experiment failure… Search for different equipment(uranium rods, rare devices), and key-card to proceed to the next location. Mouse to navigate and explore location.

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