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Minimalist Room Escape

Minimalist-room-escapeIn Minimalist Room Escape you walk around in a single room house, finding clues that will lead you to the entrance room code. The game includes hidden keys, mathematical equations and hidden safe, all in one pack for a good house escape game. This is the first game from coolescapegames.com SPOILER WARNING !!!

1. Pick up all keys: white, green, red, yellow and blue one
2. pick up: drawer handle, hanger, piece of paper, scissors, cut the hanger to make a hook
3. use the hook to open up the carpet and get to the safe box
4. unlock safe: colors order is blue, green, white, yellow, red
5. solve the equation
6. book shelf holds the secret code – the equation’s solutions number order yxz
7. enter the secret code 15410 and leave the toom.

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